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Rates for illustration gigs

If you have a detailed vision of an exact piece of art you want, maybe call someone else. But if you're working on something, scrolled through my feed and thought maybe this guy can do some cool art for my thing, then please get in touch!

Then we talk and you send me stuff. I make some very rough sketches. We talk again and make changes. If we arrive at an idea we like, we move on. This step cost €100.

Then I make a rendered, detailed pencil sketch. We talk again and make changes. If we’re happy, we move on. This step cost another €100.

I ink (or equivalent) and create a high res original. This step is another €100.

Fixing details after each step is totally ok. But if you want to change something, and then change it again, and then something else, and so on, that’s fine too, but I’ll charge you an hourly rate of 80€/h.

6% VAT (moms) will be added. For pieces with many characters and extensive background double the rate. Tiny pieces are half price. For full color paintings we make a special deal for the last step. Sorry but painting is hard. Also, you don't buy the artwork, you buy the right to publish it for a certain context. I'll explaine more about rights when we talk. I sit in front of a computer all day at work so all may art is handmade.