Pontus Björlin

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Creative / Designer / Artist

15+ years experience of design and concept development for digital media and products. Agile, insight and data driven processes and teams. Design collaboration session facilitator. Brand strategy and brand design.

Table top game creator, artist and amateur tennis player.


SVT Play Brand design (2022)
Art Direction and Branding

In spring 2022 SVT Play conducted a research project resulting in a redefined brand promise. VOD consumer habits and demographics are in constant flux and had changed so much so that the focus of SVT Play had to shift, and the brand needed to shift with it.

“The living destination for stories that engages You, The Children and Sweden”

The effect the new brand promise would have on the design work we do every day on the multiple platforms that are SVT Play where however still undefined. We explored the next step wich included new research, analysis, strategy– and design work. Asking what and why, based on insights from the brand promise research.

Develoment, testing and measuring of new design concepts and it’s components, resulted in an update to the products visual identity, to better meet an audience that not only wants to stream video but better understand SVT Play’s offer and make easier choices on what to watch. Also, we developed a series of new components that will enable editors and content creators to make clearer packaging and to set themes and focus for different areas of content.

To live up to the brand promise the interface must inspire to discover content and explore the product, adapt presentation to purpose and be versatile and contemporary. In order to achieve this the actual design needs to have certain characteristics. It needs to be:

– Expressive – The design shows its purpose in a vivid way and is distinct and pronounced.
– Flexible – The design is flexible and versatile enough to support all purposes. It has the power to design for each case.
– Dynamic – The design will embrace contrast and change and have he audacity to value what is most important and to adapt to purpose.
– Progressive – The design stays contemporary and in step with time and has a mindset to embrace the new.

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Signific (2021-)
Brand Design, Art Direction, Interior Design

Signific is a young consultant company in the field of data science, data engineering and growth management. In a very short time frame, while setting up their business they needed a visual identity. Signific needed to act fast to get to the market and to hire talent at a fast pace to meet market demands, while as a startup run on a shoestring by only three people, focus on profitability. The visual identity needed to be to the point, highly scalable and very differentiating. Analysis of competition, market and a the critical need to hire defined a few areas to focus on: Differentiation (counter-corporate), employer branding (attract young, highly educated talent), and make it scalable for future development. Traditional applications such as stationary and large signage wasn't and still isn't relevant - instead the main application of the identity became the interior design of Significs office in central Stockholm.

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SVT Play (19–)
Art Director, Swedish public broadcast vod-service.
Flat, data driven organisation with autonomous agile teams. Concept development, gui design, brand design SVT Play, cross team collaboration, design system development, UX-design.
Winston (14–19).
Art Director, Design Agency.
Websites, intranets and the occasional app. Concept development and Gui Design.
Mogul (11-14).
Art Director, IT Consultant Company.
Gui Design for Websites and business systems.
Parental Leave (10-11).
Logica (09-10).
Art Director, IT Consultant Company.
Gui-design for Websites and business systems.
WM-Data (00-04).
Digital Graphics Artist, IT Consultant Company.
Illustration, artwork, icons and graphics for business and educational systems.


Konstfack University College of Art, Crafts & Design (07-09).
Master Degree, Storytelling
Konstfack University College of Art, Crafts & Design (04-07).
Bachelor Degree, Graphic Design & Illustration, .
Beckmans college of design, Advertising (01).
Evening School
Nyckelviksskolan, Bild & Grafisk Form (99-00).
Basis Basic Art Techniques (99).
Folkuniversitetet Stora Konstkursen, Traditional Art Techniques (98).
Nynäshamns Gymnasium Estetiska Programmet (94-97).


Sketch + Abstract
Adobe Creative Suit
Etc, etc


English/Swedish spoken and written
Fiction world building and character design
Very good at drawing. Very. I mean it.
Tennis enthusiast
Experimental, post-genre musician (lack of virtuosity compensated with ambition)