Pontus Björlin

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Rates and process for illustration work

1. We have a chat about what you want and what to expect and talk about ideas. Sort of an informal brief. This is free.

2. I sketch upp a couple of ideas just detailed enough (like, almost stick figures) and we go through them together and agree on which ones we like. This step is €150

3. I do detailed pencils in full size, finish depending on the techniques planned for the finished artwork. We evaluate and agree on changes. This step is €200.

4. Ink or other type of finish and rendering. This step is €200. It's totally fine to change small things here too, but if the change requests keep coming I'm gonna have to start charging by the hour.

The above is for black and white full/half page things with some complexity, detailed or several characters, backgrounds and such. For 1/4 page, one object only motifs, or portrait stuff cut step 3 and 4 rates in half. For paintings step 1-3 is the same, but after that it will be more (I paint analogue and it takes a lot of time!)

In this process you do not buy original artwork or full rights to the image(s) produced. You buy the right to publish the artwork in a certain context and to a certain extent that we agree upon beforehand. Ususally within the boundaries of a certain project and it's marketing.